Totally Red!

Here at QCT, spring classes have begun, the knights of the round table are prepping for the big opening of Camelot, and I’m  in rehearsals for our next student theatre production: Totally Red.

Totally Red
The talented student actors in Totally Red.

Totally Red is the story of Little Red Riding Hood told in five different theatrical styles.  These talented student actors will take their audiences through the worlds of storybook theatre, melodrama, Shakespeare, avant garde, and even hip hop!  Totally Red is this year’s touring production, and we already have a very full schedule of visits to schools, libraries, and community groups this spring.  There are a few public shows on our calendar; check out our tour schedule here.  We will be hitting the road in April!

In other news, I have finally learned how to make WordPress slideshows, meaning I’ve added a Photos page to the website!  The flickr stream will still be up and running to include some older pictures, but I’ll showcase the latest here.  Many thanks to Coonrod Photography, M2 Photography, and the many friends and family who helped provide these great production shots.


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