Lady Windermere’s Fan: A New Musical

The cast of Lady Windermere’s Fan.

Tonight is opening night for the premiere of the new musical adaptation of Lady Windermere’s Fan.  I have so enjoyed participating in this workshop as Lady Windermere – the cast is delightful, the songs are beautiful, and exploring this story in a new format has been a real treat.  I would include a link of where to buy tickets, but all three performances are sold out (!!!), so instead I will use this as an opportunity to remind you to buy tickets for my next project, Shrek TYA.

It has been a real treat these past few weeks to get to bounce back and forth between rehearsals for two wonderful productions – from England to Duloc and back again – and take in the talents and enthusiasm of so many community members.  I am grateful for the opportunity, but more importantly, for the teams of skilled collaborators who made it happen.  It is truly a great time to be at Quincy Community Theatre.


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