Fear Clinic update and Student Playwright Festival

Thanks to everyone who came to see Fear Clinic this weekend!  The cast did a

The cast of Fear Clinic in their March 28 performance.

beautiful job.  Alex and I have lots of ideas for the next version of the script…which will be coming soon to a theatre near you!  In fact, this week we’re auditioning for the first full production in June.  We’ve got a new creative team assembled.  It’s very exciting to add new friends to the Fear Clinic crew.  For more information on Fear Clinic activities, click here.

My next big project is running the Student Playwright Festival at Wright State, which will be April 30-May 2.  I have two scripts in the festival.  Same Time, Next Country is the piece I wrote in the Tip My Cup Quickie Festival this fall, so I’m excited to get to see it again.  Tale of the One-Sleeved Dress is brand new – it’s a little different from my usual fare, but I like it a lot.  There are three events in the festival you should be sure to check out.

  • The Festival Series. This is a series of one act plays fully produced in the Jubilee Theatre.  My plays are in this series, along with works by Victoria Harley, Amy Geist, Jennifer Lamourt, and Aziza Macklin.  The Festival  Series will be performed Saturday, May 1 at 8pm and Sunday, May 2 at 3pm.
  • The Roundtable Series. These one acts will receive a table read and a talkback with the audience.  There are two plays – The Best Medicine by Zach Brown and Karen by Jennifer Lamourt.  The Roundtable Series is Friday,  April 30 at 8pm.
  • The One Day Plays. Teams of writers, directors, and actors will have exactly 24 hours to write, rehearse, and perform a new play.  The topic announcements will be before the Festival Series at 8pm on Saturday, May 1.  The One Day Plays will be performed at 8pm on Sunday, May 2.

Hope to see you there!


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