Springtime in Ohio!

I’ve just returned from the Wright State Showcase in New York City.  I’m so proud of my class.  I feel we all performed very well and got some great feedback.  I should have some video of our New York performance available soon so keep checking in!

Glad to be back home to get started on a fresh batch of projects.  The first

Drew Helton, Tommi Harsch, Brandon Michael Fleming, Will Hutcheson, and Valerie Reaper in Fear Clinic.

thing coming up is the latest reading of Fear Clinic – the musical I’m writing with composer Alex Horton.  The reading will be this Sunday, March 28, at 7pm at Wright State University.  Admission is free, but you should RSVP here to get a seat.  If you saw our first reading back in November, you’ll be pleased to see some new developments.  Specifically, there are new songs, new characters, and a second act!  Exciting stuff.


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