Racing racing racing with the clock!

Hi everyone!  Updates on theatrical goings-on:

Tip My Cup Quickie Festival was a blast!  So fun to be in NYC and meet new actors/directors/writers.  It was very interesting to condense the entire development process into 24 hours.  But I’m very pleased with how my script turned out.  Check my flickr page soon for photos!

Fear Clinic‘s first workshop has been CAST!  Alex and I had a wealth of talent turn out for auditions.  We’re very excited to start rehearsing.  It helps so much to hear everything out loud.  We have moved the performance to November 17 at 7pm. Don’t miss it.  For realsies.

And The Pajama Game is well under way.  We’re completely staged and moving into the theatre soon.  I have “Racing With the Clock” stuck in my head at the moment if you couldn’t tell…


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