Quickie Festival TONIGHT!

So I’m in NYC participating in Tip My Cup Productions’ Quickie: 24 Hour Play Festival!  So far it’s been a blast.  The theme of all the plays is “Texts from Last Night” (if you’re familiar with the website you know why that’s hilarious).  Each group has a writer, director, and a couple of actors.  Last night we each got a “text message” to serve as the theme of our play.

The message for my group is “The walk of shame is slightly more complicated when you wake up in the wrong country”.  And I’ve been having way too much fun with that.

We’ve been rehearsing all night and are about to go into tech with the other plays.  Shows tonight at 6 and 8!  So exciting!

More details to follow upon my return to the Midwest.  So far it’s been a really great time.


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