New Podcast: What’s the Big Idea?

When I started working for Destination Imagination, I never dreamed that “Podcast Producer” would become part of my job description. And yet, for the past few months, I’ve been so pleased to create DI’s new podcast – What’s the Big Idea? – which will premiere on July 22.

In each episode of What’s the Big Idea?, we interview an industry leader about the creative journeys that led them to success. The first round of interviews includes guests who work in business, tech, marketing, the music industry, professional sports, and even astrophysics! It’s been really inspiring to hear each of them discuss their career paths and how they use creativity every day.

Our guests shared a lot of interesting information – it’s a group of really unique people! – but I pretty quickly noticed a common thread. All of our guests’ career paths featured some kind of plot twist: a moment where they had to make an unexpected change in their work that wound up having a positive impact. And, as I listen to these interviews through my headphones while I’m editing, I imagine that those changes might have felt scary. These guests might have felt like they were abandoning their hard work or giving up on a dream. But, with the gift of hindsight, now they know they made the right call.

For our youth listeners, that’s the lesson I hope they take away from the podcast.

As I listen to these interviews, it occurs to me that my teenage self could not have imagined this path for me. I wouldn’t have guessed that my love for the theatre would lead me to stages and classrooms all over the world, then to new opportunities offstage and back to the nonprofit that helped me unleash my own creativity as a child. I wouldn’t have guessed that the skills that made me a good actor/director/teaching artist also prepared me for a realm of unique projects…like this podcast! Producing this podcast has been such a lovely reminder that having a creative mind opens endless possibilities.

What’s the Big Idea? premieres July 22 wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe today, and visit the Destination Imagination website to learn more.


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