Exchange Club and Arts Quincy Magazine

Here at QCT, I’m working on getting everything ready for the new session of spring classes that start this week.  But I didn’t want to forget to mention some exciting events from the past few weeks:

First of all, Arts Quincy featured QCT’s education program on

Me with some of my students on the cover of Arts Quincy Magazine.

the cover of the latest issue of their magazine.  The article features our outreach program, some upcoming shows, and our brand new corporate workshops.

Me with Bill Stalder, secretary of Quincy’s Exchange Club.

Also, I recently had the chance to speak with Quincy’s Exchange Club.  I gave a speech about the many life lessons that can be gained from theatre education, and the club had lots of great questions about the positive impact of theatre.  Then, however, the Exchange Club surprised me with a generous gift of $5000 to put towards the education program.  If you can’t tell from the photo – I was floored!   That money is going to go a long way towards bringing the arts to the young people of Quincy; I’m very grateful to the Exchange Club for this vote of confidence.


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