Stories Begin

Stories Begin
Our 2016 season brochure. Check out the rest of the lineup at

After this week’s big season announcement, I can finally reveal the wonderful projects I have coming up next year at Quincy Community Theatre.  I’ll be directing the student theatre productions of Shrek TYA, Totally Red!, The Halloween Trilogy, and A Wrinkle in Time.  In addition, I’ll be working with the Quincy Junior High Drama Club as they devise their own play, and Triple Threat Boot Camp will be returning for its ninth year!

Registration is open for the fall semester of QCT classes, and next week I resume leading outreach workshops in local schools.  I am looking forward to getting back into the classroom.

And, oh yeah, the cast of Treasure Island is hard at work in rehearsals.  This week we welcome fight choreographer Lenny Bart, which means we get to start some of the show’s swashbuckling action.  On QCT’s website, I am blogging about a director’s perspective for this production.  Be sure to check out my latest entry.



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