Spring Update

It’s almost spring here in Omaha.  Here’s what I’m working on right now:

There is so much cornhusking goodness to share with Omaha's fourth graders.  So much.
There is so much cornhusking goodness to share with Omaha’s fourth graders. So much.

This week I begin performances of Nebraskaland – one of the Metro Tours with the Omaha Theater Company.  This one explores the history of Nebraska for fourth grade audiences.  I play a slew of famous Nebraskans.

In a few weeks, Pride Players 15 will be opening in the Hitchcock Theater.  Pride Players is part of the Rose’s Teens ‘N’ Theater program.  It’s a devised piece were the teen performers create scenes and monologues about issues facing LGBTQ youth in our community.  This year’s cast is a passionate group who have been coming up with great material – I’m excited for them to share with an audience!  We open April 3 – more information here.

I’m also in rehearsals as director of Farmer Brown’s Surprise Birthday Party, Omaha Theater Company’s newest Metro Tour.  I’m having a great time exploring this interactive piece for Pre-K audiences.  The actors will begin touring on May 2.




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