Dayton City Paper’s Year in Theatre

Exciting news: The Dayton City Paper just named me this season’s Best Leading Actress in a Musical for The Light in the Piazza!  The show racked up quite a list of nods, including Best Musical, Best Direction (Joe Deer), and Best Supporting Actor and Actress (Blaine Boyd and Sarah Agar).  Read the full list here.

Ah, to be in Florence again...

I’m thrilled, obviously.  Seeing so many people from the Piazza cast and crew receive recognition just proves what a special experience it was to work on that show.  Lots of Wright State folk received shout-outs for their work this season, including The Pajama Game and Hello, Dolly.  Guess I’ve been running with a good crowd, eh?  Congratulations to everyone…it’s been a good year for theatre in Dayton!


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