The next adventure…

Summertime is here!  Today was my last day of classes at Wright State University.  (At long last, that sparkly degree is MINE!)  A bittersweet end, most certainly.  A lot has happened in the course of four years, and I feel very prepared for the next adventure…

Which will be a summer touring with the Missoula Children’s Theatre.  My tour partner Noah Weary and I will be all over the country performing in Robinson Crusoe with local students.  For tour schedule, check here.  Very excited to start working for MCT.  Interestingly enough, my very first play EVER was with Missoula (I was Mexican Jumping Bean #2 in Jack and the Beanstalk…and I was good!) so having my first job out of school with them brings everything full circle.  I can’t wait!


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