SPF recap

So this weekend was the Student Playwright Festival.  Over the course of a few days, there were nine new plays by student writers.  It was a really exciting weekend!

I was really pleased with the way both of my pieces turned out.  In particular, it was really exciting to revisit Same Time, Next Country – for more than 24 hours this time!  This year’s festival included the SPF Awards (which we named the Spiffys) and Same Time, Next Country took the awards for Best Play, Best Actor (JJ Parkey) and Best Actress (Laura LaCara).  We also won for Most Awkward Moment (for when they wake up in Scotland) and oddly, I might be most excited for that one.

This Saturday I’ll be back in the Jubilee Theatre playing Susan in [title of show]!  Performances at 3pm and 8pm.  One day only – Dreamgirls style!


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