End of the Quarter Update

Wow!  The past few weeks have flown by – here at Wright State, it’s finals week and then the holiday break is here.  Here’s an update on what’s been happening:

The Pajama Game closed today.  Such a great time – I loved getting to do a big song-and-dance show, including a soft shoe number with my buddy Will Hutcheson!  Be sure to read our review in the Oakwood Register.  You can’t not have fun at a show involving pajamas.  It’s just not possible.

Next project: learning lines for my winter show.logo I will be playing Margaret in The Light in the Piazza at Wright State, February 18-28. Very excited to sink my teeth into this show.  It is beautifully written and has some fantastic songs.  Plus now eating spaghetti is “research”.

And do not forget the workshop for FEAR CLINIC is this Tuesday at 7pm in the Herbst Theatre at Wright State.  We’ll be showing the first act of this new piece.  If you’re in town, please please come.  We’ll be having a talkback after the show and we need input from you.  Yes, you!


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